Readings and Energy Sessions with Robin Cote Allen

Appointments with Robin


Monday, Friday and Saturday 10, 11 & 12.

Tuesday and Thursday 3, 4 & 5.

Wednesday 11, 12 & 1.


Upstairs at the Enchanted Fox, 174A Main St., Medway, MA.

How Much? 

Sessions are $100 per hour.


Robin primarily channels but can also use cards. 

What will happen:

A space will be provided where we will sit present and open with each other providing access and opportunity for divine guidance.

I will do my best to be a clear and present channel for your highest and best.

I will do my best to keep my heart and ears open to you and to spirit and do my best to listen, first to spirit, as it helps me stay out of the way, and then to you. 

Information will be brought forth that may give you insight into who you are, what you have experienced in your life and what you may have available to you for deepening opportunities. 

You will be offered information and perspectives that can either validate what you are already knowing or inspire you to become more curious, interested and open to all the things that are possible in your world.

You will be supported to make you own decisions. You are a free spirit, it is your personal and God given right to exercise your free will however you choose and there are lessons and growth to be had in any and every choice. It is always valuable to remember we live in a world of cause and effect. For every action there is a reaction. That being said, there is nothing in this world that can happen to us (regardless of what it feels like) that God cannot use to grow us in some constructive way. When we sit together, there will be many, I assure you, curious and interesting tidbits to consider, and remembering as always and in every case, your life, your path your choice.

Your beliefs about yourself and your world may be challenged in an attempt to open you more fully to your life experience. 

You will be invited to show up with and for yourself and for others in the world in a more intimate, authentic and empowering way.

You will be heard and received with love, compassion and respect. 

Space will be held within which you may choose to come into contact with the Divinity of your soul.

What will not happen:

Your future will not be predicted. Every thought you think, every feeling you feel and every action you takes leads you to your ultimate life experience. I have no ability or desire to interfere with your experience. If you have a situation or circumstance you would like to look into, we look into it only to the extent it is in your best interest; only to the extent that it will not interfere with your experience.

You will not be told what or what not to do. While I can see, sense and feel many things, I am not you. Only you have the power to decide what is ultimately best for you. 

You will not be given frightening information. At times people have been concerned that they will be told something frightening about themselves, their loved ones or their life. When I do a reading I always ask for information to your highest and best. That excludes all information that would be fear driven and fear based.  General feedback is that people feel better, lighter and happier after having experienced a reading.

End Note:

As we nurture and maintain our connection to the Divine, we begin to receive ‘messages’ that offer us clarity and support. If we allow ourselves to ‘reach’ both within and without, and ask to be guided towards our soul's highest end, we will certainly receive any and all information that is necessary to walk our highest  path.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh  it shall be opened.                                                                 Matthew 7:7-8

Sometimes our answers come in a dream. Sometimes we are answered through a song, a book, a television program, a friend, or a person we don’t even know. Sometimes the information is just there and we don’t understand how or why. The Divine will use all of our senses, including those we may not yet be aware, to enlighten and inspire us.

If you wish, I offer to be present – present for you to make a connection with your Divine self in order to seek clarity on your life path. Should you choose to accept my offer, we will sit with each other and with Spirit and ask for Divine guidance directed at achieving your highest good. I look forward to being a messenger for you.  

Wishing you the best that love and life have to offer.

Energy Sessions

Robin primarily uses the W.I.S.E. Method taught at Dorothy Martin Neville's Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences. Dorothy studied with Barbara Brennan. Robin also is attuned for Usui, Terra Mai and Karuna Reiki.

The W.I.S.E. Method

Conscious Creation


In Conscious Creation sessions we support you to become clear on what you are experiencing in the present moment and how it compares to what you are wanting in your future. We explore to uncover conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs that have at some level served you in the past, but perhaps are now inhibiting your ability to manifest your wants, needs and desires in the present moment. We support you to honor and to take responsibility for your co-creative powers. We work with different tools to celebrate, thank and release thought and vibrational patterns that no longer serve you. We support you to clarify your goals and clear the path to your desired future while honoring the deepest parts of you that have served you well and have helped you to survive. We work with these parts not against them to support you to achieve your goals.


Robin offers various classes throughout the year.

Awaken the Magician


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Who is Robin?

Robin is our sole in-house practitioner. Passionate about people and supporting them, she is a trance channel and has been reading for people since 1991. Robin also has a degree in Social Work and certificates in Massage Therapy, Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, EFT and various other modalities.