The W.I.S.E. Method

 The W.I.S.E. Method™ (Wholistic Integrated Spiritual Energy) developed by Dorothy Martin-Neville, Ph.D., is a form of energy medicine that focuses on the multiple levels of the human energy field with the intent to create optimal physical, psychological and spiritual health.
Over the centuries, many spiritual masters, across numerous spiritual traditions, have reminded us that as humans we are fundamentally spiritual beings who are embodied souls.  When we forget this fundamental truth of who we are, we create a false or illusionary self that sees itself as alone, vulnerable and separate in the world.  This false self thus creates beliefs in order to make meaning out of its life experiences and it takes actions that are designed to keep it safe and loved in what it perceives to be a hostile world.
With this spiritual freedom, The W.I.S.E. Method™ teaches that in forgetting who we are and living from an image of who we believe we are “supposed” to be, we tend to repress any thoughts, feelings or emotions that reflect our own inner truth, the self that we truly are.
Since each thought, feeling, and emotion is an energetic reality, each of these moments of repression can create small energetic blocks – similar to a cyst – which are held within the body. These blocks can be experienced physically such as pain, discomfort or any number of symptoms, as well as emotionally such as in depression. If the energy blocks are not released, and the belief systems that created them are not resolved, the blocks can eventually become serious physical, emotional or spiritual problems.
The W.I.S.E. Method™ works to release these blocked energies and support the needed healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  This often includes examining the belief systems for greater self-understanding, self-acceptance and personal growth.  The W.I.S.E. Method™ Practitioner assesses the physical, emotional and spiritual components of the presenting complaint including what was happening in the client’s life at the point of on-set or at reoccurrence.
Specific W.I.S.E. Method™ energy balancing techniques are used to remove energy blocks, balance excesses and deficiencies, and dissipate stagnant energy patterns within the body.  This creates a healthier balanced body with a clear understanding of its energy patterns and responses.  The W.I.S.E. Method™ Practitioner then, as needed, supports the client in examining and changing the belief systems that helped create the energetic blocks.

Steps in The W.I.S.E. Method™
The steps in The W.I.S.E. Method™, and the order in which  they are generally followed, are most easily understood following a  three-phase A-B-C model:
A.       Assess – identify the presenting complaint including the  physical, emotional and spiritual issues and what was happening at the point  of onset or exacerbation.
B.       Balance – use The W.I.S.E. Method™ energy balancing  techniques to remove energy blocks, balance excesses and deficiencies, and  dissipate stagnant energy patterns within the body.
C.       Change – support the client in examining and changing the  belief systems that created the energetic blocks.