Testimonials for Robin Cote Allen

Message from Robin -To each of you who have contributed to this page and to the many who have entered here - your ability to show up, your willingness to be curious, interested and open, your desire to live from an authentic place in your hearts humbles me more than you can imagine. For the ability to be of service to you, for your willingness to be present, bringing your hearts and souls to this gathering place, I am infinitely grateful.

As I read each of these testimonials I am honored and humbled. I am also reminded that often times the qualities and characteristics we are able to observe in others are a reflection of those which reside within ourselves. As I know each of you personally and intimately I clearly see how the following statements affirm that principle, truly - Namaste'. That my service and actions continue to align and grow towards the goodness you see in me and in this work, I thank you. May you continue to see, recognize and honor these things in yourselves.

I have been coming to Robin for over 10 years. She delivers psychic and spiritual guidance with kindness, compassion, and often much needed laughter. She is always the first person who pops into my head when I need spiritual support. I have recommended Robin to friends and family and they are all amazed with her abilities. She is truly the best!

-Erin - Canton MA

Robin's sacred work supports the Divine connection we all need in order to feel whole and free. So much of what she offers can't even be put into words, but what can be explained is that she works by way of energetic healing, channeling and non-judgmental listening.

We all fall apart sometimes. In my experience those moments where I have needed help, Robin has supported and guided me beautifully through her work and kindness. I have let go of energetic blocks and pain that has afflicted me for years, I have shed the most healing tears of my life in her presence , and I have learned to manifest the most beautiful life possible through the work I have done with her; though her work is not one sided. She works with you, but also shows you how to do your own work too. It is a gift to learn how to "do the work" on your own time and in your own time, for some things require many attempts.

I have found the forward motion I have always wanted in working towards my own evolution. I would be nowhere near where I am today without the help and guidance of Robin. Her willingness to be present with me has allowed me to truly change my life and heal so many different parts of myself. Her work is holy and Pure.

- Lindsey Villeneuve

Robin is an Earth Angel, her insights and counsel are kind, compassionate and refined. You are enveloped in a safe and healing environment. Robin assists you in getting in touch with your heart and soul for your choices assisting you to heal and navigate this journey we call life on Earth for your best and joyful outcome. Namaste.
- Judith McDonough

Robin Allen is one of the most gifted, skilled and honorable healers that I have ever experienced. She has gently guided me through some truly challenging times and with every visit I left feeling more connected and light-filled. Robin heals with the purest of intentions and without judgment. She is among the most compassionate and trustworthy of healers and has my highest recommendation.

– Robin A. Fishman
True North Guidance Bellingham, MA

The first time I consulted with Robin I thought it would be fun, but I never dreamed that it would change my life in any way. I now know better. She is a masterful seer and a gentle guide and I am thankful to have met her and to have her in my life.

– Christine

My German Shepherd dog, Merlin, was experiencing a strange pain that would come and go. There was no apparent injury, but he was frantic when it came on. Thankfully, Robin was able to help by telling me exactly where it was and that it was serious, not something that could wait. This was entirely intuitive~she never touched the animal. When we got to Angell Memorial, the emergency veterinarian that treated Merlin said that had we waited until morning it surely would have resulted in permanent, serious spinal cord damage. Merlin had an undiagnosed unstable vertebrae in his lower back that was pressing on his spinal cord. Thanks to Robin and his doctors, he has made a full recovery.

– Christine

Readings to me are almost a misnomer for what you’re able to do with people. If I don’t exactly have this right, it’s how I see what you are able to do. You’re able to link yourself with wonderful inner guidance that is watered by the highest spiritual mentors/guides and then you are able to listen and hear us as individuals (which is therapeutic in and of itself) and also provide an honest mirror if we’re willing to look at it. You are able to do this without judgment, and with humor, sometimes warm, sometimes really direct and funny, and always appropriate for the time, circumstance and topic. Your acceptance of each of us and our divinity is always nurturing. I always leave you feeling better and more connected to the Spirit of everything. You would probably say that I am always connected, but sometimes I lose track of it and it’s great that you are able to help each of us become more fully aware of it. I have never had someone be as insightful as you are-with sometimes little or no verbal input from me. You have an ability to go right to the core issues, but always with a gentleness and kindness (which seems to be that ability of acceptance that you possess.) Thich Nhat Hahn talks about four important tenets: Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. With compassion, he speaks about compassionate listening (which you do-he says we are to listen to relieve suffering. Your gift of listening relieves suffering. it’s healing). He also speaks of compassionate speech: to speak truth with great compassion; in a non-judgmental way-but to speak truth nevertheless. So, for me, in times of anxiety or fear, I have visited with you and you’ve stilled my own waters so that I could see better that I am always loved while at the same time holding up a mirror. I’m less anxious to look at it or sometimes maybe appreciative of the confirmation of a sneaking suspicion I’ve had! My journey to learn more about myself and to fully integrate myself into this world somehow has been and continues to be a challenging one. What we have talked about not only provides some guidance it also provides support and understanding for the journey which to me are both so necessary.

– Karla

Robin Allen is the best psychic I’ve ever known. She provides great safety and compassion in her readings and has helped me through some tough spots in my life. Her gifts are amazing and her readings have always been extremely accurate and healing.  

– Danielle Carlton, LPN, LMT

You need only look into the clear sparkling eyes of Robin Allen to know that she is a pure channel of light, love and wisdom.

– Jan Harkey

God’s Angel on Earth, Robin Allen” I met Robin Allen on the worst day of my life. It seemed as if everything meaningful in my world was coming apart. It was initially such an odd encounter because when I first saw her, I blurted out, “There must be some mistake. I’m here to see Robin, the psychic.” “My name is Robin,” she replied as she shifted her chair closer to the table. “But you’re not the Robin I know. I was expecting someone else.” “That’s fine,” she said as her eyes brightened. “Is the other Robin here?” I asked. “No, but I know who you mean. She’s a wonderful psychic.” Her inviting smile seemed to warm as I peered into the light of her tiny office. I walked inside. At six-foot one inches tall, I could just barely stand upright under the sloped ceiling. The fading glow of afternoon light drifted in through the open door to reveal a simple card table and numerous twinkling crystals. I thought of making my excuses and leaving, but there was something so appealing about her wide bright eyes and comforting soft smile that I couldn’t manage the words. Instead, I said, “Would it be alright if I see you instead?” “Of course it is. Please come in and sit down,” She offered. I liked her right away. She had a warmth and calm energy about her that made me feel safe. It seemed as though the great storm in my life was raging outside the sturdy walls of Robin’s comfortable refuge. I settled back into the chair across from her. Somehow I knew this place was exactly where I was supposed to be, but what I didn’t know was how the divine gifts of this woman would lead me to other new places. Over the years, Robin has been a shining beacon of compassion and guidance for me. She has helped me find my way through some dark and turbulent times in my life. Her insights are truly remarkable. Her gentle direction has proven over and over again to be a precious gift that has helped to shape my life in unexpected, and yet wondrous ways. She doesn’t always say what I want to hear, but she always tells me what I need to know. Her spiritual guidance has held up to the test of time and is pertinent to the conditions in my life many months, and even years, after a reading. She possesses the very special gift of divine insight. Robin’s guidance has led me along a shining path toward a place were fear does not exist. It’s the place where my dreams really do come true. Robin Allen is a woman of great grace, powerful light, and rare integrity. I was richly blessed to have met her on that dark day, by no mere mistake, and she’s been there ever since to continue to guide me through life’s joys and ongoing adventures.

– Brian R. Chambers , Author of Arthur's Soul Adventure

I have known Robin for a few years but only as a singer. Two years ago this October I underwent my first of two neck surgeries, 4 ruptured discs, needless to say the operations were not a success, after many trips back and forth to the doctors they finally said I have another ruptured disc as well as nerve damage to my neck, upper back and both arms making my life a virtual hell. Not wanting to go through another operation I was sent for months of physical therapy, still no relief until Christmas of 2006 my daughter’s wonderful in-laws, Paul and Linda Chelman gave me a gift certificate to the Enchanted Fox. After putting it off for a few weeks I decided what have I got to lose and booked an hour appointment with Robin. I have to tell you it was the most amazing 60 minutes I have spent in my life, not only did I get off the table with no pain I felt a new sense of being both physically and mentally. I continue to see to Robin on a weekly basis, would not have it any other way. I think what Robin offers is a way of the future we need to get back to the basics no more popping pills to make the problem go away good clean “Matters of the Heart”. I tell all my friends about the amazing gifts Robin has to offer some are skeptics, some just have closed minds, but the ones that are seeing her have found a new lease on life…..I am forever grateful. 

– Sandy

I have had the pleasure of working with Robin Allen for the last several months. When I started seeing Robin, I was facing some health problems that were going to change how I lived my life. I was always healthy but now I couldn’t concentrate, do anything to help myself, and was afraid. I heard about Robin from one of my practitioners. From the moment I met her, I felt such relief. Robin has this beautiful inner strength that she is so willing to share. She has helped me reconnect with myself and has helped me develop tools that I can use to physically, psychologically and emotionally help myself. Robin has helped me learn things about myself that I never knew and has validated others. Most importantly, I am no longer AFRAID. The results of my time with Robin are beyond measure. After each one of our sessions I feel energized and well. I am learning to live in the moment and channel my energies in a more constructive way. I continue and will continue to see her. I still have a lot to learn and look forward to each and every session. I am so grateful to have her in my life. 

– Sheila Cloutier

When asked to describe Robin Cote Allen I struggle for the right words because she is wisdom, magic and perfection. I search for how to wrap words around her intellect, connection with Universe, and compassionate way of communicating what she sees. I am at a loss to describe her the same way I have never been able to fully describe Universe, moments of euphoria, or blissful meditation. When you spend time in an enlightened state and then you begin to transition into conscious thought again, you think… now that’s the real deal… that makes sense… that is what it is all about. But then someone inquires as to why, how, or what it’s like. That is when I can’t seem to find the words. It’s the same when I think of Robin. When I’m with her I think, now this is the real deal… this makes sense! So I suppose when asked to describe Robin Cote Allen I would say, Robin is the real deal. Nothing more needs to be said and nothing less could be said… she is the real thing; she speaks Universe.” 

– Kristin Thompson RYT, ACE

I have known Robin Cote Allen for several years as an intuitive reader, a hands on healer and as a friend. Her energy is clear and true and her accuracy is amazing. As a reader she transmits a message that provides understanding, compassion and excellent guidance. Many times my journey has become much smoother because of the wisdom from my guides and hers that she has brought to me. I personally know the authenticity with which she speaks. I am a Reiki Master Healer and I speak with some personal experience when I say that her healing table work is of the highest frequency. Robin is truly gifted in her capacity to scan an energy field and direct a healing process. She brings through energy with great clarity and focus. I recommend Robin highly.


Betty Villiard B.S., M.N.S., Reiki Master Healer