Guided Visualization and Meditation

When? Saturdays 1:30-2:30PM

How Much? $15

What is Guided Visualization and Meditation?

Please join us in an hour long meditation and visualization.  Robin Cote Allen channels the meditation spontaneously based on the group that is present.  You can expect to relax deeply and come into contact with yourself in a deep an intimate way. 
Its a great way to experience the inner workings of your sub and super conscious minds.  Allow Spirit and Robin to support you in exactly the way you need to be supported.  

Take a moment prior to meditation to consider what you would like to attract into your life or what you are ready to let go of.
Please bring anything that will make you feel more at home and comfortable.  Pillows, bolsters and blankets are welcome!
Please call Rose or Paul at 508 533 4440 to reserve your space. 
As always, we thank you for your loving support.  We celebrate you! 

Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation


May 27th, June 17th. 

This event occurs monthly and dates will be added.

How Much? $30

What is Crystal Bowls Meditation?

While you are experiencing the sacred sounds of crystal bowls, pyramids, chimes and dolphin bowls Laura Mayhew and her crystal instruments will lull you into a meditative state.  The bowls will help re-align your chakras and the pyramids will bring healing into each cell of your body.  The dolphin bowl and chimes will bring in the enchantment of the sea and air and the mists will settle your senses and bring a smile to your face. 

Please contact us at 508 533 4440 to reserve your spot. Space is limited.