About Us

Welcome to the Enchanted Fox!

We are an independently owned and operated New Age gift shop, book store, healing arts center and community. For more than two decades it has been our passion and privilege to personally provide you with life enhancing tools and services as well as a gathering place to support you on your journey towards emotional, mental and spiritual clarity and well being.

We honor all sacred traditions and pathways including western and eastern religions and philosophies.

Our shop features gifts and hand crafted jewelry, gemstones and crystals, books, aromatherapy candles, clothing, essential oils anda variety of Native American fetishes along with many gift worthy items. Walking into the Enchanted Fox is like entering a vortex where you may find yourself exploring nooks and crannies for hours.

Upstairs we offer private sessions including readings, energy medicine, compassionate listening and conscious co-creation. Yoga classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We offer Guided Visualization and Meditation and Table Tipping Weekly. 

Crystal Bowl Meditations, Moon Lodge and Drumming Circle are held monthly. We also offer various workshops and classes throughout the year. Be sure to sign up for emails so we can let you know what's happening!

In our gallery please view a sampling of the new age, metaphysical and spiritual guidance products available at the Fox. Some of these products are handcrafted or one of a kind. Others are staples and are regularly in stock or available by order on an ongoing basis: Crystals, Gem Stones, Jewelry, Clothing, Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Dream Catchers, Native American Fetishes, Drums & Flutes, Essential Oils, Flower and Animal Essences, Greeting Cards, Figurines, Candles, Incense and Resins, Sage, Gifts and Treasures and much, much more!

We are open for business seven days a week! Come on in! We are looking forward to seeing you!